International Youth Environmental Competition-Exhibition Project "ECO-2017"

The year of 2017 is the Year of Ecology, the Year of Protected Areas and the Year of International Sustainable Tourism. Present Rules define the objectives, tasks, procedures, terms and conditions of participation in the International Youth Ecological Competition-Exhibition "ECO-2017" (hereinafter – "ECO-2017") dedicated to these events.
The organizers of the competition are the Omsk Branch of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences (Omsk Branch of MANEB) and Kids Club "Umlandiya".

The venue of the project "ECO-2017" is Omsk, Budget Institution "Nature Park" “Bird Haven”, Kids Club "Umlandiya".

 Participants of the International Youth Environmental
Competition-Exhibition Project "ECO-2017"

•  University/College Students (age category I);
•  School children in grades 9-11 (age category II);
•  School children in grades 5-8 (age category III);
•  School children in grades 1-4 (age group IV);
      •  Preschool children (age category V).

Content Areas of the International Youth Environmental
Competition-Exhibition Project "ECO-2017"

Еnvironmental holidays
(at option)
Work format
Event stages 
Dates of applications and works submission
Results’ announcement
May,12 Environmental Awareness Day
№1. Naturalist drawings with the description of the  illustrated event
·       Naturalist’s Notes
JPEG, jpg
March,15 2017 – April,12 2017
May,12   2017
April,12 – Environmental Education Day
№ 2. Ecodesign
·       Ecological ABC (constructions, home appliances, devices used in the outings, hiking trips,etc.).
·       Ecological fashion (garment or accessory, bijouterie).
·       Ecological toy.
·       Ecological tale (mural, collage, desktop composition).
·       Ecological congratulation.
·       Ecological SOS.
·       Ecological traffic light.
·      "Green" advertising.
JPEG, jpg
March,15 2017 – April,15 2017
May,15  2017
June,5  – World Environment Day.  The Ecologist Day
№ 3. Photos
·      My native shore ecology
(The year of 2017 is the Year of Ecology and the Year of Protected Areas in Russia).
JPEG, jpg
and the original
March,15 2017 – May,5 2017
June,5  2017
On the eve of the Day of Tourism
№4.  Leaflets
·      Eco-tourism
( The year of  2017 is the Year of International Sustainable Tourism)
JPEG, jpg
March, 15 2017  – June,1 2017
June,27  2017
May,12 Environmental Education Day
№5. Competition for Educators
·      Environmental education of the general public. Environmental awareness and education of the youth
Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx)
Power Point (ppt)
March,15 2017 –
May, 12 2017
June,12  2017

Works should be sent to  e-mail: proekt.eko@mail.ru

Certificates and Diplomas are sent in electronic form within a month after the results’ announcement.

Some works presented for the previous events can be seen here:

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Competition  "Ecological Postcard-2014"                                              "Best Environmental emblem - 2015"

All-Russian Competition-Exhibition with participantsfrom other countries

You Are Welcome!

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